Welcome to Our New Members!

[Photo ofNew Members received on May 18, 2014]

During our worship service on Sunday, May 18, 2014, Rev. Dr. Robert A. Stauffer—representing the Commission from the Presbytery of the Alleghenies that oversees Redeemer Presbyterian Church—received the following new members shown in the photo above: (from left to right) Steven Skinner, Debra Anderson, Carol Skinner, Rev. Bruce Anderson, David Hillman, Brent Sesler, Jean Hillman, Patrick Pontzer, Meredith Pontzer, Jared Skinner, Jennifer Pontzer, Eric Stockhoff, and Rachel Pontzer.

We are so very glad to welcome these dear ones into the fellowship of believers at Redeemer Pres. We also express our most sincere appreciation to Laurie LeSuer, who has worked tirelessly to facilitate the completion of the required Membership Seminar for these new members.

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